Glooscap Trail

Nature's Jewel Box The Glooscap Trail evokes images of ancient legends and mysteries born of nature's beauty. Come and explore this special place, where the majestic power of the world's highest tides have shaped a landscape of unforgettable splendour. A place of excitement and adventure, where once-in-a-lifetime experiences wait just around the next bend. Mi'kmaq legends tell of the mighty Glooscap who created Five Islands and controlled the great tides with his magic. And it's the tides that create experiences that are magically unique. Where else can you walk on the ocean floor at low tide, or experience the thrill of whitewater rafting upriver on the tidal bore? The Glooscap Trail follows the spectacular shore of the Minas Basin, whose nutrient-rich waters create an ecological diversity that make it one of North America's great natural treasures. Here you can explore pristine beaches where agates and sparkling amethysts are the gifts of the waves. Hike a deep forest trail to a cascading waterfall, or enjoy the endless view from high atop towering seacliffs. This is a land where eagles and osprey soar, where moose graze in quiet marshes and fall migrations bring hundreds of thousands of shorebirds. Credit - Nova Scotia Tourism
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