Lighthouse Route

Seafaring heritage and seaside adventure - Come and celebrate the timeless romance of the sea. The Lighthouse Route journeys through an unforgettable landscape of coastal beauty and historic charm that has captured the hearts and minds of travellers for generations. Imagine the landscape as it was when Champlain and de Monts first arrived four centuries ago. Follow shoreline roads past rugged, wave-carved headlands and tranquil, island-studded bays. Discover historic towns and weathered fishing villages where legends of the sea come alive and the rhythm of life moves in harmony with the tides. The Lighthouse Route follows Nova Scotia's South Shore, where the past is a part of everyday life. You'll find it along quiet country roads where ox teams still haul lumber, and coastal villages where fishermen still row wooden dories out to sea. Explore towns like Liverpool, with its privateer legends, and Lunenburg, where a working blacksmith still plies his trade amidst the beautifully preserved buildings of the old town district. And yes, we have lighthouses, over twenty of them, from Yarmouth's towering Cape Forchu light, to the dramatic beauty of the famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. The Lighthouse Route weaves a special magic for nature lovers. Stroll on warm, secluded beaches where the air shimmers with salt spray and the only footprints in the sand are yours. Hike past quiet inlets where herons stand motionless in the shallows, or along a sandy cove where grey seals bask on the offshore rocks. Credit - Nova Scotia Tourism
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