New Denmark

New Denmark is a rural community in Victoria County, New Brunswick.
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Grand Falls, NB | (506) 475-7769

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Grand Falls, NB | (506) 473-6683

About 8 minutes from the falls, we are the perfect place for family fun. Come and enjoy a refreshing swim in our man-made lake or...

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Grand Falls, NB | (506) 473-3050

Mulherins campground is a private, family run campground operating in the Grand Falls Region of New Brunswick. Mulherins...

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Grand Falls, NB | (506) 473-2684

A short walk from the majestic Grand Falls, this New Brunswick motel offers on-site dining. Overlooking the waterfalls and the...

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Grand Falls, NB |

Grand Falls is a unique bilingual town. We are located within walking distance of the Falls and Gorge, NB Trail, downtown gift...

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