Petite Riviere

Petite Riviere Bridge is a small village on the South Shore in Nova Scotia in Canada. It is located about 20 minutes outside of Bridgewater. It is located between Rissers Beach Provincial Park and the community of Green Bay. The local people commonly call the village "Petite Riviere" or simply "Petite".
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Broad Cove, NS | (902) 677-2042

The Apartments are ideally situated for Sightseeing the South Shore of Nova Scotia and for Day Trips to Halifax, and the Annapolis...

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La Have, NS | (902) 688-2568

The Cottage is right on the beach nestled in a mature forest and is perfectly situated to enjoy both breathtaking sunrises and...

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Riverport, NS | (902) 766-4862

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Conquerall Bank, NS | (902) 543-8151

The Lighthouse Motel is situated on the beautiful LaHave River, about 5 km from the center of Bridgewater.

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Kingsburg, NS | (902) 766-0321

"Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach" is a fourth generation, 150 year old home, anchored amidst a magnificent vista of ocean,lakes and...

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