Shelburne Harbour has the third best natural harbour in the world. The native Mik'maq traversed the Roseway River and used the surrounding lands for summer encampments long before our shores were visited by Spanish, Portuguese and French fishermen. In the spring of 1783, 5000 settlers arrived on the shores of Shelburne Harbour from New York and the middle colonies of America. Assurance of living under the British flag, and promises of free land, tools, and provisions lured many to the British Colonies at that time. 400 hundred families associated to form a town at Port Roseway, which Governor Parr renamed Shelburne later that year. This group became known as the Port Roseway Associates. In the fall of 1783, a second wave of settlers arrived in Shelburne. By 1784, the population of this new community is estimated to have been at least 10,000; the fourth largest in North America, much larger than either Halifax or Montreal. Although much smaller today, Shelburne remains the capital of the county which bears its name. It was incorporated as a town on April 4, 1907. The population in 1997 was 2245. Many descendants of the original Loyalists still live in the area today. The new town of Shelburne quickly became a fishing and shipbuilding centre. Fishing is still a primary industry today. Some other industries are lumbering, fish processing, and the manufacture of barrels, institutional furniture, granite monuments, and marine supplies. The Black Loyalists, who settled at the same time, were allotted land on the northwest arm of Shelburne Harbour. They founded the largest free Black settlement in North America, called Birchtown, in honour of General Birch. The area was also settled by Scottish and Irish Immigrants. In June of 1818, Welsh settlers arrived from Carmarthen and Cardigan in Wales, and founded the first Welsh settlement in Canada. They settled on the west side of the Roseway River, in a community they called New Cambria. The name was later changed to Welshtown.
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Shelburne, NS | (902) 875-4656

The Cooper’s Inn is within easy reach of fine beaches, harbour tours, the pristine Roseway River system, a riverside golf course...

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Shelburne, NS | (902) 875-4525

Relax in our garden and watch the river flow by. Hike down wooded pathways enjoying the Fall colours. Stroll along our secluded...

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All cottages have the same features with full kitchens, 4 piece bath with Jacuzzi tub, SAT TV and DVD players, two bedrooms with...

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Completely self contained cottages that are open all year round. Cottages include 2 bedrooms with double beds, 4 piece bath,...

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MacKenzie's & Wildwood offer the widest selection of motel rooms on the South Shore. Standard Rooms. Large Rooms. Kitchenette. Our...

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MacKenzie's has been family-owned for decades and we offer the best of Nova Scotia intimate cottages, affordable motel and luxury...

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Relax by listening to the sounds of the sea while relaxing on your own private deck overlooking a spectacular view of the sea,...

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The motel is conveniently located to many of the local attractions of Shelburne. We are within walking distance to the Historic...

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There are shower and toilet facilities on site. In addition to the campsites there is a beautiful picnic area, with huts to have...

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Shelburne, NS | (902) 875-2729

Bay Bluff has an open concept design, with floor to ceiling sliding patio doors along the two ocean facing walls. ...

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